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18x24in Fine Art Digital Print

Odysseus Rising 
“What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger.”

We are the fragile conception of balance between socially conceived supermen and mythologized pariah, both of which negate our humanity. How does a human navigate and grow with the knowledge of enmity and love at the whim of a narrative? Does he fall prey to either narrative? Does he create his own carefully crafted narrative to the benefit of just himself or to the benefit of humanity?

Image of Trauma/Them Chirrens is Combat Vets
Trauma/Them Chirrens is Combat Vets
Image of Don't Fall
Don't Fall
Image of "Departures/Maybe This Isn't for You"
"Departures/Maybe This Isn't for You"
Image of "Supa Man/Daredevils #1"
"Supa Man/Daredevils #1"
Image of Odysseus Rising/Enmity
Odysseus Rising/Enmity
Image of "Finale/Daredevils Series #2"
"Finale/Daredevils Series #2"
Image of Decay (photo print)
Decay (photo print)
Image of Hubris/All This Winning (DP)
Hubris/All This Winning (DP)
Image of Devotion/Unrequited (DP)
Devotion/Unrequited (DP)
Image of Power/Recovery (DP)
On sale
Power/Recovery (DP)
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